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Every day, almost 10,000 translation projects are managed on the XTRF platform.
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XTRF allows us quickly and easily to track all projects that we are working on. The features that are most valuable to us are the bundles feature as well as the CRM for vendors. We are working on complex projects with large numbers of files in each project; bundles allows us to stay organized.

Brandon Carney | President
Divergent Language Solutions

XTRF integrates all translation technologies used by D.O.G. GmbH, is easy to learn, and offers integrated customer and supplier platforms. Customers of D.O.G. GmbH can now send their projects directly via the platform and are thus always able to track their completed and ongoing projects.

François Massion | Owner
D.O.G GmbH

XTRF can handle projects from A to Z (i.e. from the quote to the payment of the invoice) through a standardized path, allowing projects managers to work more efficiently together. It is web-based, customizable and allows us to assume a collaborative approach to all our partners.

Gaetan Chretiennot | Co-owner