2000 PMs
using XTRF world-wide
100K Projects
managed each month
30K Vendors
working through XTRF
1M Automations
used each month

Increase Translation
Project Margins
By Over 200%

Eliminate internal costs by applying
automation mechanisms.

Start Projects Faster,
Deliver Faster

Automate vendor assignments and use
automated workflows to eliminate
process bottle-necks.

Manage Vendors

Optimize vendor selection based on
the best price and quality ratings
instead of personal preferences.

Reduce Project
Time and Costs
by 70%

Automate repetitive tasks, and focus
on your clients’ needs.

Win New Clients

Be available 24/7 through the Customer Portal,
reduce minimum charges and shine with
speed of delivery.

Grow Your Business

Use Dashboards and Reports to analyse
and improve your business.

Smart choice for all teams of all sizes

Small Teams

starting at
2.50 / day

Growing Teams

starting at
8 / day

Big Teams

starting at
10 / users

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