A conference is always a give‑and‑take event

Dear Colleagues,

It was such a pleasure to meet you during the ALC conference in Washington last week. It was a very intense time, filled with meetings with our clients, partners, industry consultants and influencers, and with companies who do not work with us, yet 😉

For me, a conference like this is always a give-and-take event. During a few days, in fact just a few hours, we receive so much feedback – both positive and constructive (on our company, product, people, processes), so many ideas (about future opportunities, additional value we could bring to our clients and the market, initiatives that we could realize together) and a huge portion of motivation, energy and general kindness. I love that and I thank you all for it.

This time was particularly special, as we had a chance to contribute to the event with a presentation that I delivered on the first conference day. I spoke about steps to convert a family lifestyle business into a professional company with an exit strategy. This was partially based on a success story from my previous professional experience, a company started by my parents which I joined, and together we developed it and it leads to a successful exit when we sold 100% of our shares. Luckily, we have a video of this presentation, and I am happy that I can share it with you all today.

With the memory of our meeting in Washington still lively, I cannot wait for the next upcoming conferences. We regularly publish the list of events where you can meet the XTRF team and we do hope to meet you soon. Me personally, I will be happy to meet you in Krakow, Poland for the XTRF Summit on the 5-6th of September this year. By that time I will be a new father, as I am expecting a baby in a few weeks 😉


All the best and let’s be in touch,

Andrzej Nedoma
Andrzej Nedoma is the Co-founder and CEO of XTRF Management Systems, a global translation management platform provider for translation companies of every size, in-house corporate language departments, and public organizations. His company helped hundreds of translation and localization agencies in 30 countries to leverage their potential. Andrzej was awarded with the Polish Entrepreneur of the Year 2006 title in the category “Services”.
He has been building his translation industry expertise since 1996 as a business development manager and as a Managing Director for a leading Central European translation company LIDO-LANG Technical Translations which was eventually sold to Sepro Group from Spain.