Email is Dying.

Augmented Communication in Localization Projects.
Dominik Radziszowski (CTO) and Konrad Chmielewski (Head of Sales)
GALA Conference in San Diego, CA, USA
Tuesday 17 March 2020, 9am
XTRF is delighted to attend the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) Conference in San Diego this March.
As well as taking the opportunity to meet and learn from our colleagues and clients,
we’re excited to share some developments of our own.
What’s wrong with email?
Given the importance of communication for every localization project, it’s surprising that we still rely so heavily on email,
an invention from the 1970s, along with the phone and instant messaging for urgent matters.
A major drawback to these methods of communication is that often the matters being discussed are removed from the conversations themselves.
In other words, the conversations are taken out of context. This means they are inefficient and can result in misunderstandings.
A new means of communication
At XTRF, we’ve been working on a new type of communication channel.
A messaging platform which feeds in details directly from your translation management system. One which stores all messages and allows you to track back and filter by context. And one which could dramatically reduce the number of emails sent to and fro.
We call it augmented communication.
Sneak preview at GALA
At GALA, in our talk Email is Dying. Augmented Communication in Localization Projects, held at 9 am, Tuesday, 17 March 2020,
you’ll get a preview of this exciting chat‑based contextual communication technology. Our CIO, Dominik Radziszowski and Head of Sales, Konrad Chmielewski
will present our research, some interesting use cases, update you on its current status, and provide you with a live demo.
Dominik Radziszowski (CTO) and Konrad Chmielewski (Head of Sales)
Dominik and Konrad will also be happy to meet with you on an individual basis to discuss these developments
or your requirements in more detail. Book a meeting with them now.