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There’s no magic formula on growing a translation company. It requires time and work, but can be done in a smart and efficient way, if you know what tools to use. There’s plenty of Translation Management Tools to help manage the translation process. Automating repetitive Project Management tasks helps save time and resources. These can then be invested where they build value for your clients and your company.

Saving 30% on Project Management cost will result in a direct rise of your margin by 110%!

Imagine not having to push files between systems, translators and clients. Imagine no more repetitive emails asking for availability. Imagine automated sending of Quotes and POs, both generated automatically without you even having to push a single button. That’s how much faster you will be able to deliver translated files to your client with the right translation management system. Your translation process becomes more effective and clients get happier.

Now just imagine what you can do with all the saved time… make more clients even happier with your translation services!

Translation Project Management consists of various tasks, some complex and some very simple. You know that not all of them actually require a Project Manager! A Translation Project Management System will automate these. All the translation management tools currently used in your translation process can be connected and integrated in a Translation Management System.

It is a virtual Assistant to a Translation Project Manager, doing all the tedious manual tasks that get error-prone when you need to deliver a project at 6PM.

Automation within translation process increases translation project margin and brings costs savings to your translation company. You can do as much as cut your in-house Project Management costs by 50% and reduce external resources costs by 10% or more. A web-based Translation Management platform maximized the effective use of both internal and external resources, making even the smallest translation projects profitable.

You will now be able not to charge for those one-sentence jobs, without compromising on your overall profitability.

Every translation process is different, just like every client will have different expectations and needs. However, there are tasks that are common to every translation process. These are typically manual and repetitive, making them easy to automate and be handled by a Translation Management tool like XTRF.

Regardless if you localize software application, translate business terms, legal documentation or translate websites – have your translation process automated and grow your translation business faster than your competition.


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