Here is how ATL sees the impact of technology on their translation business

We are happy to share with you a case study that we recently received from one of our clients. We believe this might serve as an inspiration for the wider public. Enjoy reading this and don’t hesitate to contact us with your own success stories or questions.

At ATL, we experience that in our everyday work, totally focused on our customers’ needs, we have our own requirements as to how the processes and workflows should run and what tools make that possible. It means making the right choices as well.

Here’s a brief story of one such choice we’ve made back in 2008.

Soon after the first meeting regarding XTRF’s full integration with memoQ in 2016, we successfully implemented it together with other crucial features like Smart Projects.

We had already used XTRF as well as memoQ but after switching to Smart Projects and using memoQ Project Templates, we noticed a significant productivity rise.

For a company like ATL, where productivity is one of the keys to success, this was an important step forward. We can clearly see the numbers behind the change.

Thanks to responsible implementation and dedicated technical support, over 50% of the manual, repeatable tasks were taken off from PMs’ plates.

This allows the production team to focus on monitoring the process and gives us the ability to be more flexible in finding customized solutions for different clients’ needs.

Projects are distributed and delivered faster, which reduces the time to market.

Project Managers do not need to prioritize time-consuming administrative tasks as these are being handled automatically in the background, and many of them – simultaneously.

Project registration (in both tools at the same time), selecting the template, language pairs, analyzing files and showing the results directly in XTRF – these are just some basic options that are essential for any smooth workflow.

The 26th place in the CSA ranking among over 2,000 translation companies from Central and Eastern Europe is a result of the hard work of dedicated professionals who make a true team. It is also the outcome of making the right decisions at the right time, which improves our work and our customers’ experience.

One of such decisions was to implement XTRF as such as well as its full integration with one of the leading CAT tools, namely memoQ.

Joanna Tarasiewicz with Oskar Malina at XTRF Headquarters
Joanna Tarasiewicz
Production Manager, ATL