How Cosmopolitan Is XTRF? Godfather’s Memories, Part 2 – Barcelona, Spain

As previously mentioned, it was the Spring of 2005 when the first tests of our management system were launched in our translation agency.

It was a very important period for Europe. On May 1, 2004, the European Union was enlarged by 10 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The largest country entering the Union in 2004 was Poland.

I was fully convinced that it was a great chance for our translation agency to grow quickly in this multi-language environment. In that moment in the Spring of 2005, our agency was invited to participate in a Pan-European alliance of translation companies called EULOGIA.

I understood that it was an elite organization because each official EU language was represented by one member. The invitation for our agency meant an appreciation of our position in the Polish translation market. Therefore, we accepted the invitation with great joy and – together with my son – we took part in the EULOGIA meeting held in May in beautiful Barcelona, Spain.

It appeared that a vast majority of the participants had encountered problems related to the lack of a professional management system devoted to translation/localization agencies. During a lunch break, we (my son and myself) went for a walk along La Rambla, towards the Columbus statue.


La Rambla – 1200 m long pedestrian mall in the centre of Barcelona, Spain


Christopher Columbus Monument

Commenting on the discussion held during the morning session, we quickly decided:

Let’s make our management system a marketable product and let’s inform the participants
about the present stage of development during the afternoon session.

The reaction was very positive and we promised to present the system “live” in Cracow, during the next EULOGIA meeting, to be held in Autumn 2005.

Jurek Nedoma
Jurek Nedoma has worked in the language industry for over 25 years. He is the founder and former manager of LIDOLANG Specialist Translations, which in 2015 was ranked the 16th translation company in the CEE Region (CSA Report 2015). In the period 2013-2015 Jurek was Treasurer of the European Language Industry Association (ELIA).

Jurek Nedoma is also co-founder of the professional TMS software development firm XTRF Management System.