No Summit in 2020 – but keep your eyes peeled!

We know that by now, you’ve probably received countless emails about canceled events, conferences, workshops and more. And we hate to add to the pile, we really do. But sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do. So, deep breath… here it is: XTRF Summit will not be taking place in 2020.

We’re sorry we won’t have the opportunity to meet in beautiful Krakow this year. But of course, health has to take priority right now. But don’t think that’s the end of the story. We’re working hard to prepare something special for the autumn, so we can still connect, share best practices, and learn, virtually. Keep your eyes peeled and ears pricked for the latest.

We hope we’ll have the opportunity to meet again in person before long, whether at the next Summit, or another event.

In the meantime check our last year’s panel discussion with clients.

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