Optimize Your External Costs in Short Term Perspective

With XTRF, you can influence your whole process of buying translations. Let us tell you how you can modify the way you cooperate with your vendors to buy translations more efficiently:

  • Optimize vendor selection by finding and contacting your linguists automatically
  • Unleash the potential of your existing database of translators by contacting them more frequently
  • Harmonize your current supply streams to negotiate better rates and volume discounts based on real time data analytics
  • Establish and maintain dedicated teams of linguists to ensure quality and consistency both in translation and costs
  • Don’t spend time waiting for vendors to respond to your requests when they’re on holiday
  • Monitor trends in provided quality to have granular control over the expected quality
  • Automate invoicing and billing processes to make sure you pay your translators on time
  • Streamline how you find, test and onboard new potential linguists