Thanks to XTRF’s highly flexible structure, we were able to automate and streamline our teams’ specific processes and project workflows. The system adapts very easily to our complex and very diverse requirements. From the moment a new request comes in to when the order is completed, XTRF plays a key role in helping all of our teams work faster and more efficiently.

Tino Hother
Head of Business Operations | Text & Form

XTRF‘s flexibility was an important factor to us in choosing a project management system as we needed a fair amount of adaptation to our environment. Since we began using XTRF we have gained a much better understanding of the status and flow of our projects.

Jóna Sigurbjörg Eðvaldsdóttir
General Manager | Skjal Translations

We are very happy with XTRF. Project management is far quicker than with Flow we were using before and we now can manage much more projects than before. Moreover, there are lots of functions we didn’t have with Flow. And above all, the support team is impressive.

Eñaut Urrestarazu Aizpurua
Owner | ITtranslations

XTRF allows us quickly and easily to track all projects that we are working on. The features that are most valuable to us are the bundles feature as well as the CRM for vendors. We are working on complex projects with large numbers of files in each project; bundles allows us to stay organized.

Brandon Carney
President | Divergent Language Solutions

With XTRF we have all business critical data in one single tool, easily accessible from anywhere without the IT overhead. We really enjoy the business reporting module and its on-demand or scheduled reports which save us hours of work monthly. Our PMs now have more time to spend on value-added tasks instead of manual emailing, quoting or generating POs.

Michal Kmeť
Managing Director | Lexika


System itself is all about removing repeatable actions. Now actually there’s no big difference between managing 3 or 12 language projects, because by using workflow templates all the work is done automatically. Project management is now faster, invoices are timely issued, reminders are sent automatically. XTRF helps us a lot in our everyday work.

Aigars Apsans
Managing Director | Baltic Media

I love the reporting. It is the best part of XTRF. I feel that I have the data I need now to make decisions, whereas before it took so much time that I sometimes did not bother to gather the information. I enjoy the daily reports emailed to me, such as quotes prepared per day and projects per day.

Huiping Iler
President | Wintranslation

There were three main reasons why we decided to choose XTRF: QuickBooks integration, workflows and reporting. XTRF system and workflows are very easy to use and we have excellent feedback from our project managers and translators around the world.

Vernon J. Menard
Head of Company | Choice Translating Inc.

We estimated that project management with XTRF takes about half the time, meaning that we now can do more projects with fewer employees. The shift from our old program to XTRF meant the evolution of our processes, as the new software, due to its high customizability, adapted to the individual needs of a translation agency.

Cecilia Riqué
Head of Company | UGZ Translation Agency

From first contact to project management, invoicing and feedback, the experience is flawlessly smooth. XTRF allows us to keep track of every inquiry, and stay focused on running projects. We have seen a huge increase in work efficiency, on time delivery and satisfaction rate from clients, staff and vendors.

Sophie Ao
Senior Project Manager | A-Z Localization

When it was time for our business to grow, we were searching for a solution that would be beneficial and cost-effective for us, and convenient for our clients and for our collaborators. XTRF provided that and much more.

It is a web-based, highly customizable, easy to use tool that contains functions which are extremely useful during our translation and localization processes. From start to finish, we are able to handle our projects efficiently, our workflow is smooth, and so we have more free time to concentrate on our clients and on the quality of our work. XTRF really is the tool for us!

Ioannis Kassios
Owner/Translator | Technografia

XTRF lets us streamline the whole process from request for quote to production and delivery, while also providing us with a powerful set of tools to evaluate our performance. To put it simply: XTRF plays a key role in our continuous work to increase efficiency, throughput and quality.

Henrik Sundberg
CTO | GLOBALscandinavia Translation

XTRF has enabled flexible workflow solutions for PMs. While you select previously defined workflows for given projects, you can later add or delete certain steps of that workflow. As for the time spent on communication, XTRF sends automatic e-mails to providers, customers, and to PMs themselves – with all relevant attachments and information.

Cagdas Acar
Project Manager | Dragoman Language Technologies

In addition to functionality, we were also looking to increase our efficiency and centralize our translation process management. We evaluated several systems – and XTRF proved to have the finest functionality and deepest understanding of our requirements.

Alexandra Shevyakova
Operations Director | AUM

XTRF can handle projects from A to Z (i.e. from the quote to the payment of the invoice) through a standardized path, allowing projects managers to work more efficiently together. It is web-based, customizable and allows us to assume a collaborative approach to all our partners.

Gaetan Chretiennot
Co-owner | A-propos

In the times of globalization and technology, companies have to manage large flows of information, which requires more time and additional resources annually. The translation project management programme XTRF helps to manage the flows of translation orders efficiently, to gather and systemise contact data bases of clients and suppliers and to analyse the statistics of the company achievements conveniently. Most importantly, the programme enables saving our own and clients’ time.

Tatjana Šulgienė
Director | Ad Gloriam Translation Agency


We help to equip your future employees

We are really excited to be able to include XTRF in the Integrated Communication curicullum. In this globalization era, it is important that our students can gain valuable insight into the toolset and intricacies of modern localization companies operations.

Andreas Lucco
Head of Center for Integrated Communication and Digital Marketing
ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences

We are really glad to be able to include XTRF in our courses. Your support and training have proved to be extremely useful. Our students have indicated that their XTRF knowledge has paid off during job interviews, internships, and full-time employment.

Max Troyer
Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, Translation & Localization Management
Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey


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