XTRF Academy – Press Release

XTRF introduces autonomous and FREE
implementation for the XTRF Small Teams edition!

Following a very successful pilot program with 30 new clients, XTRF introduces autonomous, FAST and FREE implementation for all clients choosing the XTRF Small Teams edition.

It’s called XTRF Academy, a self-training package composed of video guides and easy-to-follow instructions. The web-based course covers the entire system and contains a series of short, carefully composed lessons about the XTRF Small Teams edition.

Comfortable and easy, it allows your team to learn XTRF at their own pace, whenever they have time. Moreover, you can return to each lesson whenever you need and share the whole course with all your present and future team members.

XTRF Academy makes XTRF implementation easier than ever, reducing implementation time, hassle and stress. And what’s most important especially for the smallest clients – it’s totally FREE!


What do our clients say about it?

Watch this short testimonial: Verizia from Argentina

If you prefer to read, below are a few extracts from the feedback we got:

  • „Implementation with XTRF Academy was fantastic. No costs, quick process, very clear video-guides”
  • „Implementation process was very easy and we started to use the system immediately. In fact, the next day after the purchase. We already save 30-40% of our time thanks to XTRF”
  • „We evaluate the implementation process very positively and started to use system right after purchase. Whole our production runs on XTRF already and we do not spend our time in Excel spreadsheets anymore. It’s hard to give a precise number, but we see evident acceleration in our production cycle and huge time-savings in project management.”

To find out more, click through to a short video or contact our consultants at sales@xtrf.eu