Project Management Flexibility is Achievable… When You Have the Right Tool

“A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service”- this is the definition of project management according to “Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge”. To be on top of this year’s trends, this description should extend to include the phrase “by the flexible Project Manager”.

Project management is about organization, (coordination and synchronization), joint effort (teamwork), planning (preparation, set‑up, and forecasting), communication and control. Every aspect of this definition should be peppered with the adjective, flexible, because Project Managers take pride in being elastic and adaptable in the operational environment. They are the ones coping with change on a daily basis, characterized by diverse yet often repetitious projects, stemming from specific customer requirements.

Your client may ask for additional proofreading or may require specific editor guidelines. This often becomes a defined template for this customer’s future requirements. Clients each have their own way to define translation quality, for instance, some require close adherence to the source while others prefer transcreation. When a client returns, you can reuse the process defined for them. Your scalability gives you the advantage to win a happy customer for whom you are able to remember and meet their multi-dimensional, and often highly dynamic, requests. Define and reuse should be your mantra.

Define and reuse
should be your mantra

To meet your organizational goals and take advantage of your trend knowledge, you must watch your bottom line and be flexible by improving operational efficiency. The best way to achieve that is to remember that of key importance to translation project management, is technology, such as a translation management system.

Technology is of key importance
to translation project management

The rest is in your hands. You can write the process down or implement it in a process automation tool, such as a cloud-based translation management system that allows for translation automation and other flexibility options. This include language vendor management and selection, and even reusing the same linguists identified on the previous project. This investment in translation project management software pays for itself and helps the flexible Project Manager in several ways, including anticipating problems, integrating customers’ specific expectations and requirements, and understanding the operational environment. This allows you to be flexible without losing your sanity.

XTRF’s new Business Barometer gives you greater insight into your clients, quotes, and projects. It helps you understand which services types or clients bring in the most revenue, or identify room for improvement, so you can make data-driven decisions. In turn, it allows project managers to allocate their time more strategically. And with a greater understanding of the business’ priorities, project managers can also feel more motivated. They’ll understand how their work fits into the bigger picture.

The investment in translation project management software pays for itself
and helps the flexible Project Manager

XTRF’s innovative TMS enables you to be flexible and in control.
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