Semantix, welcome on board!

We are happy to announce that following the acquisition of Amesto Translations earlier this year, Semantix has chosen XTRF as its main Project Management and Automation platform.

“This is a great step forward for the whole Semantix Group, as we were looking for a professional solution and technology partner to support our large organization in its growth and ambitious plans for the future.” – says Britta Aagaard, Head of Translation at Semantix. “Before taking the final decision we had met several times in Sweden and Poland, and we believe very strongly in the partnership with XTRF and the team that stands behind it.”

“It’s great news for XTRF, as Semantix will not only be an important client but most of all it is a very forward-thinking company which makes me passionate about our partnership and future cooperation.” – adds Andrzej Nedoma, CEO of XTRF.

Semantix is listed among the TOP20 biggest translation companies worldwide, according to Common Sense Advisory, Inc. It is headquartered in Sweden and operates through 14 offices worldwide with well over 300 employees onboard.

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So stay tuned for more!