Spend your lockdown time productively with XTRF Academy

We all anticipate the impact COVID-19 will have on the global economy, even if we don’t know what is going to happen exactly. At XTRF we cannot do much about the economy, but what we can do is help you and your teams spend the global lockdown productively.


We’re now offering free 24/7 access to XTRF Academy* for two months, so your team can brush up on skills or improve processes, wherever and whenever you like.

If you’ve already purchased Academy access, you’ll receive an additional two months free of charge on top of your training package.

If you don’t yet have an account in XTRF Academy please create one by clicking the button below: academy.xtrf.eu


Here at XTRF, we’ve been working completely remotely as of 12 March. We may be dispersed in our home offices, but we’re working together as a team to deliver excellent service to our clients. We’re ready to support you, your team, and your work as you get used to your new normal. You can contact us through all the normal online channels, talking to your Account Manager or the Helpdesk.

* XTRF Academy is free for XTRF Subscribers.

Let’s talk.
Let us help you understand how XTRF can change the way you manage translation and localization. We can analyze your situation and design a customized implementation, training, and migration plan, or simply answer any questions you may have about moving to the XTRF Platform.

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