The Best Year Ever for XTRF!

Dear Colleagues,

As we approach winter and Christmastime, it’s the perfect time for a summary of our yearly achievements.

It was a very intensive, and at the same time, the best year ever for XTRF!

We worked on a number of internal initiatives, developments and made overall progress in all the departments of our almost 70-people organization.

We grew by 40% in terms of revenue. We’ve been very successful with winning strategic corporate accounts and leading LSPs where we were going head to head against our direct competitors.

We have also revisited our business philosophy to attend the events that our clients find valuable. As a result, we traveled a lot. However, this year we were smart about it, not always having a booth at the main conferences. What at first made us anxious proved to be an excellent idea – the events were incomparably more productive than ever before!

On the product side, last year we introduced to the market 3 major system releases. That’s a much better pace compared to the last couple of years. We will further enforce that trend and deliver new functionalities to our clients faster. At the same time, over the past year, we have significantly improved overall system stability.
We are constantly working on the development of automated tests and the automation of the issuing process, with the goal of releasing new versions faster and more efficiently.

We have almost totally switched to XTRF on the Cloud with our new clients, and even with our long history of on-Premise installations, the overall number of On-Cloud (SaaS) licenses has exceeded the On-Premise count. On-Cloud SaaS application means delivering a maintenance-free solution to our clients. On the Systems Administration side, this brings the benefit of automation, unified deployment, and standardized configuration, making maintenance a routine procedure. Improvements are most visible in delivering bug fixes, which are deployed to XTRF SaaS users within hours of the release.

We have also worked a lot on our Helpdesk efficiency, reducing the average ticket time-to-solution by almost 10-times (!) this year. That means that huge progress was made here, which we are particularly proud of. We have resolved a total number of nearly 7000 tickets of various types, and in order to serve our clients in the Americas more efficiently, we have extended our 1st line of Support availability to 5 pm West Coast time.

Striving to be constantly improving our customer service, we are working on a new e-learning platform for our new and existing clients. Our aim is to improve knowledge transfer, whether it is for the purpose of implementation of new clients or assisting with the onboarding of new employees within our existing clients’ organizations.

Following our clients’ numerous suggestions, in 2019 we are planning to organize an XTRF User Summit in Krakow, to further reinforce our user community and bring more value to each of them.

We are in a very strong position to continue and accelerate our growth next year.

It’s a great feeling and I also know there are lots of people who contribute to it every day. That is why I couldn’t finish in a different way than giving huge thanks to the whole XTRF Team and to all our clients! Thank you for sharing with us your observations, thoughts, and ideas on how we can constantly improve, raise our standards and deliver even better service. We are here for you, and you are the inspiration in our mission of helping the translation industry work more effectively.


Thank you and all the best,

Andrzej Nedoma
Andrzej Nedoma is the Co-founder and CEO of XTRF Management Systems, a global translation management platform provider for translation companies of every size, in-house corporate language departments, and public organizations. His company helped hundreds of translation and localization agencies in 30 countries to leverage their potential. Andrzej was awarded with the Polish Entrepreneur of the Year 2006 title in the category “Services”.
He has been building his translation industry expertise since 1996 as a business development manager and as a Managing Director for a leading Central European translation company LIDO-LANG Technical Translations which was eventually sold to Sepro Group from Spain.