Vendor Workload: See Your Vendors’ Remaining Capacity at a Glance

Vendors’ Capacity at a Glance

We’re delighted to announce the new Vendor Workload feature. Introduced within the 8.5 release, it allows you to see vendor availability much more easily, so you don’t waste time contacting vendors who are already fully booked up with other projects. Instead, you can see their remaining capacity at a glance.

This is calculated for you, taking into account their productivity, the job type in question, and the number of hours allocated for each job. Any vacation or periods of unavailability that have been uploaded to the system are also accounted for, with an airplane icon indicating vacation periods.

How it works

When you’re choosing a vendor, switch to Vendor Workload mode, and you’ll automatically be shown a list of available and appropriate vendors – those who match the job type, calculation unit, language combination, and specialization of the specific job. You’ll also see their profile picture, rate, and evaluation (if applicable).

You can view vendor workload across three different time spans: 1 day, 3 days, and 1 week. Depending on the time period selected, you can choose whether to take weekends into account or to only show office hours (which you can configure as appropriate). You can also select the option to show alerts for overlapping jobs.

The Vendor Workload mode is available within Vendors and Price Profiles views, as well as when you’re choosing a vendor for a job or selecting vendors for sending out Job Offers in Smart Projects.

XTRF Vendor Workload
XTRF Vendor Workload
XTRF Vendor Workload


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