What Has 2019 Brought to Our Product?

2019 in review

With the end of 2019 fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to look back over the past 12 months and reflect. On a personal note, after three years at XTRF, I moved into the role of Product Owner this summer. As the person with overall responsibility for XTRF’s new and enhanced features, I’m glad to talk you through it.

XTRF features – what’s changed?

Manage external links easily in Smart Projects

The external link function makes project management easier. A link can be used for many different things: a remote document for translation, a remote location (SFTP, Google Drive, Dropbox), large files like videos, and even an external application in which the translation is to be completed.

This makes it much easier for project managers to manage their files and ensure vendors have what they need. What’s more, it’s ideal for handling large files, avoiding clogging up inboxes and using excessive bandwidth.

Image module
Image module
Image module
Scale horizontally with the Multinode feature

This feature allows large numbers of people to use the same XTRF instance at the same time without significantly affecting the system’s overall performance. We developed this to meet the needs of Semantix, one of our strategic partners, however, it opens up excellent opportunities for similar clients. By running on multiple nodes, XTRF becomes horizontally scalable and can support over 100 simultaneous users without performance issues.

Monitor vendor workload, availability, and productivity

By selecting the Vendor Workload mode, you now have all this key information in one place. You can clearly see Vendors’ productivity, current workload, ongoing jobs, remaining capacity, along with planned vacations and the most important details from their profile. This makes managing your linguistic resources – particularly in-house teams – much easier and more efficient.

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Integrate with accounting tools easily with our API improvements

API Connectivity has always been an important aspect of the XTRF Platform. In 2019 we focused on improving aspects of project finances. You can now add, update and delete Payables and Receivables, add new payments, and get key information about a project’s finances, client & vendor invoices and payments. With these changes, integration with third-party accounting and reporting tools is now easier than ever before.

Looking ahead to 2020

We’re sure you’re all dying to know what’s in the pipeline for 2020. So here’s a sneak peek…

Our main focus will be on enabling better in-project communication between PMs and vendors. To do this, we’ll be integrating chat functionality, encouraging the switch from emails to instant messaging about individual projects. Messages will be searchable and traceable to ensure business continuity and accountability.

We’ll also be redesigning our document templates editor, moving towards easily editable HTML-based templates. We’ll make improvements to better support Machine Translation usage in CAT tools. And last, but by no means least, we’ll be focussing on implementing product improvements suggested by XTRF Community.

Bogusław Reich
Bogusław joined the XTRF team in June 2016 in the role of Business Analyst. A year later he transferred to the position of Implementation Project Manager and assisted many of our current clients in preparing and launching the XTRF Platform. In July 2019 he was appointed XTRF Product Owner. Before joining XTRF, Bogusław worked for over four years as a Project Manager at Argos Multilingual – one of the leading LSPs in Poland. He also has prior experience in the area of content management and localization. Overall, he has over 10 years of experience in the localization industry in various roles.