XTRF 7 – The Ultimate Sales Tool

I love my job. I get to go places, talk to interesting people and help them grow in the industry. Oh, did I mention I work in sales and the ‘helping’ part is actually selling?

There’s one more thing that makes this job fun and it’s the product itself. Selling XTRF is easy! It seems to be one of those things people instantly fall in love with and just “got to have”!

You’re probably wondering right now, why am I wasting your time writing about me when I should be writing about you and XTRF 7 instead. I was going to write how XTRF 7 will help you grow your company, by helping you sell more. And I’ll do just that. 

Let me tell you how XTRF, and its latest release in particular,
will make your salespeople’s lives a whole lot easier.

Avoid the client squeeze

The dirty secret of this industry is that whenever clients demand that you lower word rates, in most cases the same then is expected of the freelance linguists who actually do the translation. A vicious circle can follow, especially when you have little or no technology to help you look for savings elsewhere. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

XTRF 7 comes with further improvements to how linguists are browsed and selected for each new project. We have added more custom criteria, including an estimated total cost, to how providers are sorted and we’ve made them multi-level. Thanks to this, the automated Vendor Selection Rules have gotten more flexible and faster. Project Manager choices are more precise and more predictable. What it means for your clients is faster delivery, consistent quality and lower costs.

Don’t throw good money after bad

Nobody likes client complaints, but when they leave bad feedback, some LSPs just respond with a “sorry” and a discount. When you think about it – that’s paying twice! I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with giving a discount, but RCA should follow straight after (and I don’t mean the record label). Once you get to the bottom of what caused the problem, you can fix it and not have to give a discount for that same reason again.

XTRF 7 comes with a great new feature with the all-revealing name of Project History. It records everything that happened with a project. You can see exactly when and who made any critical change, or when information was shared with any stakeholder.
Not only that. 

If you have Project Managers from different time-zones working on the same projects,
Project history will make their job even easier. You can then squeeze the deadline even further
when pitching to your clients.

Today’s technology, tomorrow’s peace of mind

If you think security doesn’t sell, wait until you see what the use of obsolete technology can do to your business.

Do your clients ever ask you where their files are physically stored? Do they want you to switch from FTP to SFTP? Do they ask about your SSL Certificate? Lately, it’s not just IT companies who are so security conscious. We’ve noticed it too and with XTRF 7 we are introducing several key elements to have your, as well as your clients’ data, more secure than ever. We see being ISO 27001 certified as an obligation to be ready to face the security challenges of today and tomorrow.

A notable example is moving completely to JAVA 8. The previous version of JAVA dates back to 2011. If that’s not graphic enough for you, then check if your phone still runs on Gingerbread.

XTRF – a sales tool in itself

Some of our clients keep a demo separate from their production environment, so they can show it to their prospects. Funnily enough, this was not our idea, but theirs. Some of them, as soon as they saw the system and before even starting to use it, decided to demo it to their potential clients. History shows, it was (and still is) a very good idea. The truth is – these days a Client Portal is seen as a necessity by clients, so you need to have it anyway – you might as well make good use of it. As a sales tool of course! 😉 Not only can it boost your new sales, but also help you grow existing accounts. The only thing left for you to do then – is watch the growth in demand being automatically tracked in XTRF’s built-in CRM.

There’s only one problem. Sales cycles are not getting any shorter and if you want XTRF 7 to help you achieve your sales quota for 2017, you need to act fast. While there’s still time until the end of Q4, it really comes down to one simple question: Are you serious about hitting your numbers this year?

Let us help you. Get in touch.

Konrad Chmielewski
Konrad has been in the translation industry since 2006. He is a #SocialSelling Evangelist and XTRF’s Head of Sales. Before that, he worked at Argos Multilingual, one of Poland’s largest Language Service Providers. Konrad’s focus is and has always been on innovation and execution.