XTRF, Dragoman, and Istanbul Arel University (Turkey) announce a partnership

Istanbul Arel University is offering an undergraduate course in collaboration with the Istanbul-based technology evangelist Dragoman Ltd., Krakow-based technology vendor XTRF, and UK/Poland-based technology vendor XTM International.

As a response to Luigi Muzii’s open call for a project-based translation education in university in Multilingual Magazine’s issue in December 2013, the university has initiated a fruitful collaboration in which an employee from Dragoman Ltd. teaches part time at the university, whereas XTRF offers free licenses for educational purposes.

In the spring semester of 2013-2014, the university conducted a pilot project and invited translation professionals into class. Dragoman had contributed to the curriculum through seminars in transcreation, cloud-based CAT solutions, web localization, and machine translation optimization. Around 30 volunteers joined another 20 students who were already enrolled to a technology class. The end-product was the localization of a user manual into Turkish.

This year, the Department of Translation and Interpreting at İstanbul Arel University is collaborating with international technology vendors through Dragoman Ltd. In the fall semester of 2014-2015, students will translate another user manual into Turkish. The participants undertake real tasks and responsibilities such as managing projects, managing human resources, translating, editing, QAing, etc. XTRF is being used as the translation project management software to oversee all of the workflows.