XTRF – Welocalize integration

Welocalize, a global leader in translation and localization services, announced the successful integration of the XTRF™ management system (TMS) connector into the proprietary Welocalize Project Management and Accounting platform. XTRF provides translation project and workflow management in addition to accounting features and quote administration services.

The XTRF connector provides instant synchronization of translation project data and advances task assignment capabilities out to Welocalize’s translation supply chain and vendor network. Vendors gain quick access to projects and simplified management of invoices, quotes and payments through Welocalize’s proprietary account management platform.

“The XTRF technology benefits our clients long-term by helping vendors increase translation efficiencies and improve productivity through the elimination of rekeying, production errors and improving data flow in real time,” said Derek Coffey, senior vice president of technology and development at Welocalize “The integration advances our commitment to our valued supply chain by streamlining the workflow and helping them improve project results. Removal of duplicated data entry speeds up work distribution and eliminates errors with purchase orders and invoices which have traditionally create workflow friction.”

Features of the integration include improved project visibility including complex instructions and guidance to vendors, as well as synchronization of pending, active and completed projects. Within minutes of a client submitting a translation request to Welocalize, the entire connected supply chain has visibility of the request within their own system without any local data entry.

“The Welocalize technology partnership is a new trend in our approach to integrate our solutions with translation market leaders who need seamless collaboration with vendors,” said Tomasz Mróz, COO of XTRF. “Welocalize perfectly understood the need of its vendors and asked XTRF to help them make their vendor’s work easier. Now all the XTRF users can easily access Welocalize projects and download projects instantly into their quote lists.”

Welocalize and XTRF will be hosting a series of webinars to introduce the connector, benefits of the integration and how users can simplify workflow, increase production, effectively manage projects and improve quality processes. Interested vendors should email Welocalize_Talent_Management@welocalize.com for the latest training schedule.